About Us

Eleven Bar East Ranch

  • Family owned ranch located in central North Carolina
    (Owned by Robert and Connie Helms)
  • Horse operations center on foundation quarter horses
  • Goal is to breed, produce, grow, and train horses with bloodlines, conformation, and mannerisms necessary for successful performance competition and ranch horses
  • Program provides customers with a choice of horses that are ranch bred, foaled, raised, and trained
    • Customers can see and get to know the mare, stallion, siblings, and history of their Eleven Bar East horse
  • Professional training is an Eleven Bar East core competency
Repeat Customers is our Measure of Success

Eleven Bar East Business Plan

  • Produce quality horses that:
    • Customers can enjoy for years to come
    • Increase in value over time and provide their owners a favorable return on their investment
  • Provide support for the needs of our customers

We appreciate you visiting our web site and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.